Monday, February 22, 2010

Cotton Candy Buzz

I love pink colour and there's a blog where you can see all in pink. Cotton Candy Buzz is using three columns template, it is page rank 1 with 2 subscribers on the blog. Momma Riza is the author of this blog, she is work at home mom of two children. The blog side bar are well manage and you can find categories on the left bar. This blog is everything sweet and colourful in life and things you can read in post. If you want to know about this blog click about the site at the blog for more info.

If you love entertainment you can check this blog, Momma Riza post of Movie Legion with SM Malls detail on the showing times. You can also find the post on Almost Alice, I am sure you want to know when Alice In Wonderful up in cinemas near you. There is a post where every parent will find it useful, ways to communicate with our children.

Thanks to Momma Riza I got to know the puricute, you can click on the link to view the creation of Momma Riza. She has been working as ESL instructor to teach English. She is also a computer teacher.

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