Monday, October 10, 2011

I am back blogging

Yeah finally I am back blogging but will not be as often as before. I have to limit the time on the internet. These days I have been spending time to find good deal available at the website. I have bought two online coupons for massage/spa and I hope to review it when I am done with it.

I have renew namesherry domain few days ago, thanks to a friend that leave a comment remind me to do so. About good deal coupon I found on the website I find that it is better to call for booking reservation so that you are not disappointed. There is no lose in doing so as you still interested to purchase the online deal. There is time to purchase it is important to make the reservation first to avoid disappointment.

I bought an online coupon but later when I called to book there is no available for me and I need to find the timing that I not prefer to go for it. It is fully booked for two months or more, I can't wait that long to enjoy the deal.
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