Sunday, March 20, 2011

25 weeks pregnant

I am 25 weeks pregnant, yesterday went to the fair and I bought 2 bras but sadly one was given me wrong I mean the size. The bra supposed to be 36C but I was given 38C, I didn't check the shopping bag and I was there twice as I need to pickup the photo from a booth. I bought a magazine $8 and there is free goodie bag and a photo. I take alone the photo as my dear and kid waiting outside. So many people there I need to go in alone and I also bought some baby wipes.

My next appointment with doc is on 9 April, 2011. Last night I have hard time falling asleep I don't know what time I sleep. My kid having terrible cough and vomited on the blanket. Today he was late to class, the children were singing when we reached there. Then my dear drove to work and I take over the wheel to drive home.
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