Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot

I love blogging and I like to read about parenting as well. Here's a blog of Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot where a mom blogs about her happy thought and her kid. Author Paula is a 29 year old stay at home mom with her five year old son named Z. The blog is using two columns template, I like the blog designs and the side bar are well manage by Paula.

Z loves activities you can see at her blog and there are pictures of Z and her hubby. Z is happy to have a mom like Paula as he has got his dream car, yeah Paula and her husband are broke but their Z is very happy with the car.

The blog is user friendly and easy to browse from the categories you can select the one that interest you. Z is Paula's son and this category is all about him. S is her hubby and you can see picture of Paula and S on their Valentine's Date. S is one of the performers and you can find more detail by click on the link.

If you have entrecard and adgitize feel free to drop them at the blog. Paula updates her blog almost everyday, if you like to know more about Paula take a visit to her blog.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Her and History

I love blogging and get to know bloggers from blogsphere, here's Her and History of genejosh. It has been sometimes since I last visit to her blog, she has new templete and I love it. The blog header with pictures of her and her family. The blog is using three columns template, there are 116 followers on her blog. There is room improvement for this blog, Gene can put categories on the left bar of her blog, there is still spaces available at her blog.

Gene happy mom of Hyzyd her son, you can find her with pictures of her son. There is a family picture in her blog. Her blog is one of the level 3 sponsors in Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. You can find her blog with many interesting posts and blog reviews on other blogs. Gene is located in Thailand, if I am going there I like to visit her.

Gene alone is managing many blogs, if you have time you can check out her other blogs.
    Adventures with Hyzyd
    Away from Home
    Fashion Explorer
    Tasty Exploration
    Teaching Moments

Cotton Candy Buzz

I love pink colour and there's a blog where you can see all in pink. Cotton Candy Buzz is using three columns template, it is page rank 1 with 2 subscribers on the blog. Momma Riza is the author of this blog, she is work at home mom of two children. The blog side bar are well manage and you can find categories on the left bar. This blog is everything sweet and colourful in life and things you can read in post. If you want to know about this blog click about the site at the blog for more info.

If you love entertainment you can check this blog, Momma Riza post of Movie Legion with SM Malls detail on the showing times. You can also find the post on Almost Alice, I am sure you want to know when Alice In Wonderful up in cinemas near you. There is a post where every parent will find it useful, ways to communicate with our children.

Thanks to Momma Riza I got to know the puricute, you can click on the link to view the creation of Momma Riza. She has been working as ESL instructor to teach English. She is also a computer teacher.

Pen,paper and pan

Pen, paper and pan belongs to full time work at home mom, the author is Yami. She is 39 years old blogger with two children. She is maintaining three blogs. The blog is two columns template, I like the blog header. The blog has 20 followers on the blog.

Yami loves to take part in meme, you can check out her food trip on Valentine's Day. Pen,paper and pan is one of the sponsors of Level 3 in Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. You can find many Valentine's posts at her blog, find out who is the one true love of Yami. She knows how to take care of the kids, she has prepared the healthy meals for them. Check out the packed lunch she prepare for the kids.

I love dining and I find that Yami participate on food trip Friday, if you like to know where she dine just visit her blog often to find out. I am sure you will be eyeing to dine at the restaurant after view the photos of food. If you love food like me just click on the food tags.

Pen,paper and pan is has Entercard and Adgitize widget, if you like to drop ec take a visit to this blog.

GT: Valentine's Day 2010

This is my Valentine's Day picture of 2010, yeah no loved one with me to snap the picture. I ask him to take picture with me but he rejects. The day is also first day of Chinese New Year, he was busy with his friends and cousins than me. I was not happy on the day so I had the sun glasses on. Frankly speaking I seldom have pictures taken with my true loved. He also loses USD$60 in gambling with his friends and cousins on the first day of Chinese New Year. Gambling is where you see people win and lose. The amount of money that he loses can provide me three months of prepaid cell phone.

I am sure you like to join the GT Valentine's Day 2010. Just click on banner below.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How I make money online by Fedhz

I love blogging and take part in contest and giveaway. I know I cannot depend on that to win cash Prizes so I always like to find out on how to make money online. My blogger friend Fedhz has got a blog to share with you. How I make money online is where you learn how Fedhz earn some extra income online.

I visited this blog it is user friendly and easy to browse. I like the three columns template and this blog is user friendly. You can find the categories on the blog. Every post is detail and you can find the proof of payment in post.

Newbie who likes to learn how to make money online can get start with this blog. Fedhz has the explanation in post on how to make money online. I am also new in some of the names listed in the categories.

Everyone has got their way in make money online, if you like to know how Fedhz make money online just click on the link above. To find out how much Fedhz earn money online from blogging just click on the link above. You might be interested to know how much she is earning a month. Now you know where you can learn to make make online from blog and other sites.

How I make money online by Fedhz is also one of the sponsors in Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest.

Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest

BIG Blogversary Contest

Level 1 Sponsors:
I Am Buraot : Anak Ni Kulapo : Seiko's Diary : Mom Conversations

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Beng's Entertainment Spree : Yashiro : My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf : Embrace Life : How I Earn Money Online

This is another contest where you can win great Prizes.Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest is going you a chance to win cash prizes. They have make the mechanics easier for everyone to take part. The sponsors above are generous as you can see the Prize money is not a small amount.

Contest ends on 28 Feb,2010. To take part just click on banner above.

Good luck.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

PG Mall many choices on bags

I love to browse the bags and some I love below!

BG1368 GREY渐层灰

prev next BG1368 GREY渐层灰

  • 商品库存:2
  • 本店售价:RM32
  • 注册用户:RM32

prev next BG1344 PURPLE紫色

  • 商品库存:2
  • 本店售价:RM30
  • 注册用户:RM30
  • 用户评价:comment rank 5
  • 商品点击数:373
Bg 1459 Pink Red

prev next Bg 1459 Pink Red

  • 商品库存:2
  • 本店售价:RM52
  • 注册用户:RM52
  • 用户评价:comment rank 5
  • 商品点击数:194
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