Monday, December 23, 2013

Won from instagram

I won a dress from instagram, I am so happy just two winners and I am one of them!

Yeah will wait if the parcel comes next week. If I can't fit in, my niece will take over :D

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Movember Giveaway

Wow, I can't believe it but it is true. It is November, so find out how you can join Movember giveaway. Click on the link to find out.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trying my luck, hope can win

LAST DAY TO WIN PASSES!!!!! Comment below and tell us WHY you wanna win passes to the event! Contest is ending today!!! We have emailed a couple of winners already (please check OTHERS under your messages tab), but we still have 3 sets of passes left to be given away! Hurry hurry comment away~ xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, June 24, 2013

Just looking through

Basic Top with MultiStrap on the shoulder - RESTOCKED
ELQ J0665
Price : RM 35.00
Size : XXL - 3XL

Colours : Black - SOLD, Baby Blue , Blue, Baby Pink, Pink, White
Bust : 48"
Waist : 38-45

Hip : 48"
Length : 30"
Material : Cotton

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Sporty Hoodie Top
ELQ J6061
Price : RM 30.00
Colour : Grey, Maroon, Brown Turquoise
Size : XL,
Bust : 46"
Hips : 42"
Length : 32"
Arm Hole : 24"
Material : cotton

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Puff Sleeve colourful Trasnparent BF Shirt
ELQ J7448
Price : RM 30.00
colour : as in the picture
Size : XL
Bust : 42"
waist: 42"
Hips : 46"
Arm Hole : 20"
Material : cotton

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Puff Sleeve Floral Printed BF Shirt
ELQ J1154
Price : RM 39.00
size : XL, 2L

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ELQ J0157
Free Belt Included
Price : RM 39.00
Colour : Black, Grey, Maroon, Dark Green, Turquoise
Size : XL, 2L
        cant decide which to purchase!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Supermodel's Secret 3rd Anniversary Deal

If you like shopping, it is time to check out Supermodel's Secret 3rd Anniversary Deal. No kidding the deals 10% up to 70%.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thank you

I don't know the lady name, but she is a lady with glasses. She's plus size just like me and she got me two movie passes to watch The Call yesterday. I was late to watch the movie, I suppose redemption at counter before 8.30 but I reached only 8.45pm! So sad and disappointed but I saw other counter still open I ask them if still available.

The three ladies sitting there, one told me that I need The Star paper for redemption. I forgot to bring mine, another lady next to them just told me if you don't mind take this! I took it and without her helped, I couldn't watch this movie with my dear. I wrote review on the movie in

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