Tuesday, December 20, 2016

All in One in a Day

Sad to say tomorrow unable to attend the event, though I love jewellery and location is so far way. Today also I have bad stomach pain and purging for few times adding up that period also on the way.

Yeah tell me how bad it is, glad as it comes only after my short vacay to Langkawi.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Facial Whitening Chocolate at Shah Alam

facebook: http://bit.ly/2f3Mito
blog: http://bit.ly/2eLASwa

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Parenthood playland birthday party package

Kingston Package : rm38/ pax
Queenly Package : rm48/ pax
Kids Food Package
Food A : rm20/ pax
Food B : rm25/ pax

Found this info to share with everyone, it's for 2016 I guess, I have not been there. Yeah no go Sunway Putra Mall before. My friend's kids are having party there so waiting my dear to know if can go or not. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Mother's Day, flower and hand bouquet

Mother's Day is coming up and everyone has got their plan where to bring their mom's out. I love my mom as I know she brings up 5 children while dad is busy at work. She does all the cooking and cleaning by herself, there's no maid and she is busy caring 5 of us.

What kind of gift for mom is nice? How about Mother's Day Flower?

Beautiful Mother's Day hand bouquet to surprise her, knowing that everyone is busy working. There Internet access for us, we can check out Bloom2u.

The online florist Malaysia, that you can shop online and deliver to your mom.

Anyone living in Subang Jaya? You can check out Subang Jaya Florist.

Online shopping for flowers can check out www.bloom2u.com and also visit their Facebook at

Talking of Mother's Day if you love contest can check out the Facebook page. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Avoid eat dragon fruits when...

Special info for woman especially when you are having menstrual period, it's not suitable to take this fruit.

Also when you take this fruit, before and after eat, cannot take any milk dairy drink.

This will makes up to have upset stomach.

I saw this info from news 8LIVE on TV Malaysia. 10.40pm show on Wednesday night. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

RM44 one way taxi to EPF Office

It cost RM88 for two way using taxi to go EPF office at Jalan Raja Chulan, my parents dont know to do their EPF and my dear is busy at work so they decided to go ahead on their own to go EPF Office that is located at Jalan Raja Chulan, KL.

It is fast and easy to do over there. I am not feeling well as I have jab yesterday and also have slight fever, flu and cough. So RM125 for yesterday USJ taipan Subang Jaya to see the doc.

Still need to fetch my kids of course, as dear is working and he is busy with work as well. Both of us see doctor yesterday after fetching son from tuition. Night dear bought son burger special to eat with add on cheese and no vegetables included. That is son's dinner as he didn't have dinner, he started tuition at 4.3 to 6pm, then 6.3pm to 9pm.

Son called me to send him pencil box as he forget to bring. I told him no way as I am tired and have headache and he can borrow form his friends in class but he is afraid. In the end I msg to Zurin for ask her help as her son same class as my son in evening class tuition. Thanks to Zurin helped if not son will be keep nonstop asking to send the pencil box. 
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