Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review: My Memories and Crystals

Earlier I review the blog of Princess Sarah on His Unfailing Love, today I am going to review another blog that belong to Princess Sarah. It is My Memories and Crystals , it is three columns template with pretty green background which reminds me of the nature. The blog has 52 followers on the blog, at the moment the blog is page rank zero. My Memories and Crystals is one of the Level 3 sponsors in Kaye and Pehpot's Blogversary Contest.

I see the side bar of the blog have spaces available, I hope Princess Sarah can make use of them like adding the labels or tags or categories on the side bar. This way we can browse and click on them to read. If you love you can find this blog with Yummy Sunday meme that taken part by Princess Sarah.

This blog is also one of the BC Blogger's Secret. Princess Sarah likes to make jewellery, check out the beautiful earrings. I love to visit this blog often to view the jewellery on the blog, Princess Sarah has the talent in create the jewellery, you can visit her blog to see more. I am sure you like to pick a few piece for yourself. The jewellery is handmade by Princess Sarah.

Now if you have time don't forget to visit her blog to say hi.


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