Friday, March 12, 2010

Review: His Unfailing Love

Today my review blog is His Unfailing Love, Princess Sarah is the author of the blog. She is a mom of two wonderful smart kids. The blog is using three columns template, it is well organize you can find who is the top commentator on the left bar of the blog. The blog is page rank 1 with 87 followers on the blog. From the blog I get to know about an amazing thing happened in Thailand which related to her health. She was worry of the non visualized ovary.

I don't know of the myoma painful experience until I read her blog. Being a mom is not easy and Princess Sarah needs to go through the pain of myoma. I see that Princess Sarah is trying to update her blog at least twice a week. She has other blogs on hand to maintain as well.

I don't know that Princess Sarah has got a teenage boy, I mean one of her children is a teenager now. He loves to download songs in MP3. I am sure both her boys love gadgets.

His Unfailing Love is one of the BC Bloggers Secret, this is only for the Philippine blogger. If you like know more of Princess Sarah, you can also drop by My Family Daily Adventure Bacolod and Beyond My Memories and Crystals The Horizon.

His Unfailing Love

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