Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have a good laugh@Anak Ni Kulapo

I love blogging and doing things I love but I need time off too. So I will found this site Anak Ni Kulapo which will entertainment me. There is a picture of a virgin forest you can look at. I don't think you see what it is until you look for a while.

This is another blog by Buraot, I like the new office of Buraot. funny everything inside the office is made of hard paper. I almost congrats him with the new office, I don't think anyone want to work in such office in reality. LOL! I hope this site can be improve with English language as I cannot read pinay.

Here's another one you can see the picture of ice cream, I bet you will lose your appetite if you see it. For the first time I see such ice cream that look like that. I mean just click on the link above and look at the shape of the ice cream. I think kids wouldn't know what it is.

The site is user friendly and easy to view, there's an account inactive banner at the blog. I think it should be remove as it is not looking good at the blog. Philippine folks will enjoy this blog because they can read pinay.

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