Sunday, June 7, 2009

Going to Lot 10 just for $50!

Well, I found out that I won a Prize which is RM50 I am so happy about this. But I am really sad because I need to go there to collect RM50. Let's think about how much I need to spend going there.

Lot 10 is a shopping mall, from here to there is definitely far and it will cost more than RM50. I am not kidding think of going there and coming back there you will need to eat as well. That will need money to spend, I think I will not be going there for just RM50!

I knew I will spend even more, as I am not familar with the place I know the taxi driver will be expensive. Based on my last experience going to collect a Prize at Petaling Jaya, which cost me $60 just going there.

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