Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brown backpack

The backpack I swapped online with another woman that interest with me to swap.
The left side torn backpack at belt. I am still using this backpack though.

The right torn you see near the belt of backpack.
This is my brown backpack that I swap online with another woman. She has interest to swap jean with me and I have interest to swap bag with her. It is fun to swap online and I have swapped several times with her and I also purchase some used jacket from her.

I have been using this backpack for at least four months now. You can see the torn at the side of the backpack. I think my backpack must be overload that caused it to torn. Time flies now is the month of December and soon we welcome the year 2011.

I purchase a new backpack at Jusco member day's sale and it is value for money. I used it to go vacation at Singapore because I worry the current backpack will break up on me.

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