Wednesday, July 14, 2010

GT: I love me financially

I know I blogged this before at luvevertyhing but server move so I need to write it again as I forget to back up the post.

As a full time blogger I am thankful that I am able to blog every day. I am depending my earning from blogging. I am no longer working because I prefer the world of blogging which I love. I was working at office it was not 9-5 job or five days week work. It was long hours and the security at the work place is not good. I walk to work as it is about 20 minutes away from my place. I always bring an umbrella to work due to safety reason. There is motorist in the area that snatch people bag and I always need to watch out.

I love me financially I am glad I have a sister who is helping me out. I forgot to mention her in the post I made at lurvevertyhing.

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