Monday, May 18, 2009

Most embarassing moment

Today I experienced the most embrassing moment in my life. Well, this morning my friend have set time with her friends to meet up at a restaurant to eat. I was there with her and when they are here, we are just waiting for the food to come.

Guess what! When the food on the table, they just eat even though it is HOT. Just in case you are wondering what we have, we all having a bowl of noodle each. They finished off first and I am the last one and I cannot finished the noodle at all. I was not feeling well this morning terrible stomachache. When we left the table, her friends are looking at the bowl of noodle left by me.

Gosh, this is the most embrassing moment in my life. It is for the first time I get to see people just keep eating without stopping! They are real speedy and I cannot do that at all.

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